daily motivational yoga classes for you

So much releasing happens when I practice Moga. It's my therapy .

Motivational Yoga is an affordable and accessible practice with a variety of classes that you can join daily. If you're looking to begin your MOGA life journey, it starts right here. 

These gentle sequences are designed for all-levels of yoga and is best practiced daily.

See the class options below to sign up! 


Online Studio

Become a member of our virtual MOGA studio with on-demand and live classes that helps create a daily healing practice to help release stress, increase focus, improve self-worth, and transform your life.

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Rooftop Classes

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Live in LA? Great! Join our pop-up rooftop classes and practice with us in person. We'd love to see you and to help motivate your day! 

Community Classes

Fun at Yoga

We offer donation based classes in communities across the country. Stay in touch with us so you can find a class happening near you!