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When people have access to healing tools and know where to find them, it’s more likely that healing will happen. We’re raising capital to help bring Motivational Yoga to communities who need it most. They will have the opportunity to access a premium daily healing practice that is available and accessible as a preventative tool for their overall wellbeing.

The resources from your donation will help cover video production costs, marketing efforts, and to establish a virtual studio that upholds MOGA’s mission to empower our community.

The free and low-cost virtual studio & app will feature on-demand and live MOGA classes, meditation, and healing workshops. 


  1. Contribute what you can! We encourage purchasing one of the rewards that will help you experience what THAT MOGA LIFE is all about
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Beyond this campaign, we’re searching for partners and sponsors to continue to work with so that we build a lasting relationship beyond the launch. If you’re interested in partnering with us, make sure you check out some of our higher tier rewards.

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